I have worked out with Bill in many different settings; 1 on 1, small group general conditioning, small group boot camps, cardio kick classes, etc... and in all settings, it has rocked!! Bill has a great way of pushing you outside your comfort zone, but making it fun and relaxed enough to where you don't even realize you really are outside your comfort zone until you have already successfully accomplished what he asked you to do! His supportive style allows you to take your goals and make the most out of them. What I think is most amazing about Bill is how much he truly cares about each and every one of his clients. He takes the time to understand what is important to them and then works his 'magic' to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves. Bill once told me "It's not all about adding years to your life... it's about adding life to your years!" and I truly believe he has been a big part of adding "life to my years"!!! Thanks Bill.... you are truly a lifesaver!!

S.R., Glastonbury, CT


I have been involved in athletics all my life from playing women’s hockey to running marathons. Over the years I have worked with many coaches and trainers. I have to say that Bill Taylor stands out as one of the best. I started working with Bill 2 months ago to get my workouts back on track. Bill took the time to sit down with me before hand and go over my goals and assess my fitness needs. In just 2 months I have noticed significant changes in my strength, shape and over all confidence. Bill’s optimism and energy are contagious. I look forward to my workouts with him every week. If you want to get in shape, get results and have fun doing it, I definitely recommend Bill.
Ofc. C.H.


Hartford Police


"Bill is a wonderful motivator. He does it positively and with a smile. The fact that he is a genuinely warm and friendly guy, only makes you work that much harder. Since I've been taking his group training class, I have gotten stronger and more focused in my workout. I am able to carry what I learn from Bill onto the floor when doing my own thing."


C.S., Glastonbury, CT


"I am a 51 year old runner and have been a client of Bill’s for 2 months. My goals were simple; lose weight and tone up. In the first two months, my goals have been exceeded. I have lost weight, my body fat percentage has gone down, I am stronger, I am more flexible than I have been for at least 10 years and my running times have improved.
His sessions are well planned. They are tailored to your specific goals as well as your body target areas. Bill is a great motivator, the workouts are challenging but FUN and best of all for me, no one session is ever the same. You will not get stale with these workouts.

So whenever I hear these phrases, in the house, just give me what you got, give me 15 to 20 if you so choose, whatevah, and that’s good stuff, I will always have a smile on my face and thank Bill for making me a BEAST.
Bill, thank you and keep on singing."


T.Q., East Hampton, CT


"Bill works us so hard that I have found muscles around my internal organs that hurt. He uses an equal balance of tough love motivation and humor which makes his boot camp a workout I actually look forward to!"


J.C., Glastonbury, CT


"Bills energy and style just spark motivation!! I hired Bill right after having my fourth baby because I felt tired and out of shape. His workouts not only helped me to get into shape, they increased my energy, and made me feel better about myself! His workouts are always challenging, dynamic, and its a lot of fun!! It was just what I needed to jumpstart my progress. I highly recommend him!"


K.W., West Hartford, CT


"Bill's motivational style encourages you to push your physical limits whilst his humor ensures you stay sane at the same time! Working out never seems like a chore when following Bill's lead."


A.B., Glastonbury, CT


“Never thought I’d be awake and fired up to work out at 6 am but Bill has me motivated! I can’t wait to exercise and break a sweat! He keeps workouts interesting by constantly changing exercises and really knows how to give you a demanding workout. I haven’t been in this good of shape since college. Bill has a light-hearted spirit and is a joy to be around but at the same time keeps me motivated to give 110% during my entire workout.”


P.H., Glastonbury, CT


"Provides a freshness to the workout regime! With Bill you never really know you’re working out. His positive attitude makes you want to continue improving yourself"


C.R., Colchester, CT



Bill Taylor has been my personal trainer since May of 2011. When I first began working with a trainer I thought of it as more of a short term endeavor  but after having worked with Bill for a few months, I realized I would not get this opportunity again to work with such a professional and conscientious trainer who is himself an accomplished athlete, so I stuck with it and after almost 2 years have no intention of stopping. Bill brings a great deal of energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to his work. The truth is, few of us work out as hard and as effectively when we do it on our own than when we work with a professional. Bill pushes me and challenges me and that is exactly what I need from a trainer. I have gotten so much stronger and because of my work with Bill, my tennis game has improved enormously as has my overall health and fitness. I am almost 55 years old and a female. Sometimes women my age see their fitness and strength as naturally going downhill at this point in their lives. I can tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. I have always been active but I am stronger now than I ever have been. I attribute a good amount of this to my work with Bill. He brings his best to every session and always works in a positive, motivating way. I am grateful I found him.


M.C., Storrs, CT